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Happy and Cheerful People Can Positively Change the World Around Them.

The main goal of art therapy is to develop self-expression and self-knowledge through creativity. The basis of art therapy is through the creative act of drawing. The creative process is the main therapeutic mechanism allowing a child to reconstruct a conflict or traumatic situation through symbolism in order to understand it and even find its solution.

Through drawing, play, and imagination, art therapy provides a safe outlet for internal conflicts and strong emotions and helps children to understand their own feelings and experiences. Art also contributes to and promotes self-esteem, helps in the development of creative abilities, and promotes relaxation and stress relief.
All this can bring great joy to the child – the most important emotion, and one of the greatest feelings. Happy and cheerful people can positively change the world around them.

Using step by step instructions and illustrations, a child can easily learn to draw or make a greeting card in the How to Draw section of my website. Please, visit me at http://www.about-art-and-health.com/.

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How to Draw a Heart

How to Draw a Heart