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How to Draw a Heart

How to Draw a Heart.
Learn how to draw a Heart and other you can see www.about-art-and-health.com with step-by-step illustrated instructions.
Before drawing a Heart draft the pattern, to keep its basic proportions. Draft a square ABCD. The line EF bisect the square. Lines AG=GI=ID=1/3 of the line AD.
Draw two halves of circles. You can use a circular object, such as a glass or bowl. Draw an inverted triangle GFH. Draw curves GF and HF.
Color the Heart however you like. Red is common for Heart. Frame your picture. Write lovely words, such as "I Love You". This Heart is a symbol of love.
You can paste your face on the Heart and then present the handmade picture to your loved one.

Start the drawing the Heart! Steps 1, 2, 3.


The drawing the Heart! Step 4.


The drawing the Heart! Step 5.


The drawing the Heart! Step 6.



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