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English for Business

English for Business Professionals

We have provided a program for professionals who work in the different business fields. We offer a lot of useful speaking resources and our student will be able quickly improve their English language spoken skills through intense studying process and practice. Classes: 2 hours per lesson, 3 times per week, 3 month program. It's possible to organize the studying process in online regime.

English is the official language in 53 countries around the globe and about 1.8 billion people use it daily, making it the most widely used language in all over the world. It's the preferred language for international business and scientific communications. Therefore we have been providing English for Business Professionals course in our offices worldwide during last 17 years. The program is oriented for young professionals and students who work and/or study in different fields of science, education, economics and so on. Through the program our students study not only the pronunciation, terminology of their concrete interests, simple grammar rules, but also they obtain in a very useful and interesting way detailed information about innovations, new technologies and skills which are so necessary for finding better job and developing the career. For detailes: phone: (347) 330-2803, georgebern44@yahoo.com


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