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They live in this city

1-lin_209_01 2-sister_210
1. This is Lin. 2. This is her sister.
3-linden_212 4-linden-tree_210
3. They live in Linden. 4. This is their linden tree.
5-street_211 6-fence_270
5. This is their street. 6. This is their fence.
7-cherry-tree-in-spring_256 8-cherries_225
7. This is their cherry tree in spring. 8. They pick cherries when they need.
9-three-bees_255 10-live-bees_227
9. We see three bees. 10. We see where they live.
11-bee-stings_271 12-girl-needs-help_239
11. This bee stings. 12. This girl needs help with bee sting.


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