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Bill's ill


i_50 Bill, ill, Hill, big, Lil, Miss, simple, Sil, in, middle, drill - Silly Billy, silly
e_38 Yes, red, Ed, bed, empty, sentence, every, linden, end, very, men, hen, shelf, dress, friend
ee_51 Tennessee, need, week, sleep, feet, tree, three, bee, keep, deep, between, green
p_41 Presley, pill, pink, present, pick, pig, pen, pretty - help, sleep, keep, deep
t_33 test, till, ten, tree, trick - it, present, feet, digit, visit, shirt, skirt
k_41 Kitty, kid, kiss, kitten, kitchen - Vic, sick, milk, desk, week, pick, risk, chick
th_50 this, the, they, with
e-empty_46 he, she, the, we
w_51 Willy, well, week, with, why, when, where, whisky, we, west, swim, between
c-s_55 city, center
ir-er_95 Shirl, first, shirt, T-shirt, skirt, girl, dirty - her
ng-nk_88 English, spelling, interesting, sting, spring, sing – drink, pink, sink
tht_50 Smith, thick, thin, think
s_55 is, isn’t, his
sh_58 T-shirt, dishes, shirt, skirt, fish, finish
ch-tch_95 Lynch, Mitch, ditch
g_73 digit, fridge
x_50 six, fix, Dix Hills, sixty
-e_51 little, live, give
ex_74 kitten, kitchen, children
-i_68 I, I’m, my, why
-o_60 No
-er_62 Mister, dinner, letter, sister, center, river
1-ill_boy_300 2-pill_214

This is Bill. Bill is little. Bill is ill.

Is he little? – Yes. Is he ill? – Yes, he is.

This is Bill’s pill. It is little. It is red.

Is it little? – Yes. Is it red? – Yes, it is.

3-hill_214 4-dinner_208

This is Hill. Hill isn’t ill. She is well.

Is she little? – No. Is she ill? – No, she isn’t.

This is Hill’s dinner. The dinner isn’t little.

It’s big. Is it little? – No. Is it big? – Yes, it is.

1-nick_244 2-drink_198
This is Nick. He is sick. This is his drink. He drinks it.
3-pill_199 4-lil_229
This is his pill. It helps him. This is Lil. She is ill.
5-drink_197 6-pill_274
This is her drink. She drinks it. This is her pill. It’s pink.
7-ed_in_bed_512 8-milk_184
This is Ed in his bed. Ed isn’t sick. Ed drinks milk. This is his milk.
This is his dinner. It isn’t big.  


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